Intrinsic Birthstone Bracelets

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Giving a birthstone to someone special as a gift means giving so much more than just a piece of jewelry. The ancient meanings associated with each of these birthstones make them extra-special, giving them a quality that is impossible to achieve with any other gem.

Birthstone jewelry makes a unique, beautiful, and affordable gift with real sentiment behind it.

Each bracelet is made of sliver and 100% Natural Stones!

  • January Birthstone – Garnet
  • February Birthstone- Amethyst
  • March Birthstone – Aquamarine
  • April Birthstone – Diamond (Cubic Zirconia)
  • May Birthstone – Emerald
  • June Birthstone – Pearl
  • July Birthstone – Ruby
  • August Birthstone – Peridot
  • September Birthstone – Sapphire
  • October Birthstone – Opal
  • November Birthstone – Topaz
  • December Birthstone – Blue Topaz

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